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Los Angeles Real Bearded Santa Claus For Hire

We have the most complete database of Real Bearded Santa Claus entertainer in the Los Angeles, California Area.  Our Professionally trained, background checked Santa Claus performers are available throughout the year for appearances. 

Hire Santa For Your Party

Do you have an upcoming holiday party? Are you looking to impress? Have we got just the right thing for your party! At Santa Allen, we have a complete selection of real bearded Santa Claus performers in Los Angeles. Each Santa Claus is thoroughly trained, given a comprehensive background check, and equipped with the right attitude. That attitude brings joy and happiness to everyone at the party.
Furthermore, at Santa Allen, we believe in authenticity. Your party is themed for the holidays. It would be inappropriate for our Santa Claus to arrive in anything less than the best outfit. Our Santa Claus performers have authentic costumes, real beards, and enough Christmas jokes to make everyone laugh all night long. Contact Santa Allen to make your next holiday party the talk of the town. Give us a call to get started!

Home Visit from Santa

A simple home visit from Santa Claus can mean the world to children. Even adults who love the magic and joy brought about by the holidays will light up with cheer once they witness a realistic Santa Claus walk through the door. That is what we do here at Santa Allen. We have the most exceptional selection of real bearded Santa Claus performers for any occasion. Whether it is the holiday season or the middle of summer, our Santa Clauses are prepared for any event.
A home visit from Santa Claus is just the thing your children could use to tide them over until Christmas. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a family gathering with a fun theme, a real bearded Santa Claus is the right accompaniment. Here at Santa Allen, we make finding the perfect Santa Claus for your visit a breeze. Just give us a call to start the process. We’ll guide you the entire way!

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