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Real Bearded Santa Claus for Hire

Are you looking for a Real Bearded Santa Claus to create a one of a kind advertising project on TV or in print?  A true Santa entertainer to WOW a large company or community?  Or are you looking for a genuine Santa Claus that will convince the most skeptical  child that Santa Claus is real?

Either way Santa Claus Allen is the Real Deal!  Call 817-601-5666 for more information.

Do you need a larger than life personality for your next Christmas event?  A professional Santa Claus with an authentic look and beard that will convince the most skeptical that Santa Claus is real?  Then you need to contact Santa Claus Allen, he is the REAL deal! 817-601-5666 or email to check his schedule.
DFW Santa Claus entertainer Unlike most other Santa Claus entertainers, Santa Claus Allen is equally comfortable talking to children of all ages. He will have adults remembering what it felt like when they were young.  He is a genuine Santa Claus, full of love and life.

Santa Claus Allen is a true Santa Claus entertainer.  All of his beards are made with real hair.  They are theatrical quality and appear to be growing from Santa’s face at 6 feet or 6 inches.  Several professional photographers have asked how long it took for the genuine Santa Claus’ beard to grow.  His beard and wig are glued on using the same techniques that Hollywood and Broadway have been using for years.

Above you can see how realistic and animated that Santa Allen is when appearing in a TV commercial or Web Video.  He will help associate your brand with Christmas in magical ways.  He works very well with scripts or teleprompters.

If you are looking for an Actor to portray Santa Claus in a TV ad with the look of a real beard and also have that larger than life, magical Christmas spirit, please contact Santa Allen. With Santa Claus Allen you get the look of a real bearded Santa Claus and the benefit of a professional entertainer that can quickly memorize scripts, work with teleprompters, or ‘wing it’, all equally well. Call 817-601-5666 to discuss details. Also, he can provide many different looks, not only with wardrobe, but also with length and thickness of beard/wigs.

Santa Allen has appeared in several video productions and print advertisements, and often gets confused by children, adults, and talent agencies. Some of the TV ads were the Santa resembles Santa Allen are:

If you are looking for a different Real Beard Santa Please visit our parent company, Many people have asked if Santa Allen is the Santa Claus in the Chevy television commercials featuring Santa Claus. Though the Santa Claus in the Chevy TV commercials with Santa looks very much like Santa Allen, it is not. The beard and wig used in the Chevy Santa ads was made and applied exactly like the real human hair beards and wigs that Santa Allen uses in his appearances in person and on camera.

The Santa in the 2011 Apple commercial has a beard that looks remarkably similar to the real beard that Santa Allen uses. Santa Allen was asked to appear at Apple in 2012, but was already booked in a different state during the date of the event.

Was Santa Allen the Santa on Channel 8, WFAA talking about Lone Star Santas?  Yes, Santa Allen, along with other Santa Clauses and Mrs. Claus appeared on Good Morning Texas 5/28/2013 to discuss how Santa Claus brings love, hope, joy and hugs to children affected by disasters.

If you are looking for a Real Bearded Santa Claus for a TV Commercial, Film production, or company event, call 817-601-5666 or email and inquire about Santa Allen’s schedule. Rates, references, and testimonials upon request.

Santa Allen

“I have had a Santa Event every year at my studio since 2006.  This is the first year I worked with Santa Allen and I will definitely hire him again!!!  He is so amazing with the kids.  Each child has a 15 minute block of time with Santa while I capture this sweet time through photography.  Santa Allen is extremely experienced with posing and so easy to work with.  Little to no direction from me on what to do.  The kids, and parents, loved him!!!” – Heritage Studios

“Santa Allen is Real!  His suit and Beard are real, as is his personality.  He is everything you want in Santa.” – Kelly, Dallas

If you are looking for a Real Bearded Santa Claus for a Christmas Tree Lighting or community event, call 817-601-5666 or email and inquire about Santa Allen’s schedule. Rates, references, and testimonials upon request.  Also visit Fort Worth Real Beard Santa and Dallas Real Bearded Santa Claus for hire.