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Santa Claus Allen is the Santa Claus appearing on during December in the Question of the Day. Santa Allen and his traditional look filmed several questions used on the homepage of

If you would like to hire the same Santa Claus that used, please Contact Santa Allen by Email or use the contact form located here.

Who is the Santa on videos?

Santa Claus Allen is the Santa Claus appearing in the videos that are being used as the Question of the Day. contacted Santa Claus Allen to appear in videos answering holiday questions and spreading the spirit of Christmas to visitors of the popular site.

What are the Santa Claus Question of the Day on

Below you can find links to all of the Questions of the Day that Santa Allen answered for

Can I hire the Santa Claus?

Yes you can have the same Santa Claus that answered the Question of the Day visit your home, office, or community event!

Contact Santa Claus. If Santa Claus Allen is not available this year, make sure to get on his calendar for next year. (If you are a community or parade coordinator, please contact Santa Allen, parades are Santa’s favorites! He will travel throughout the US and beyond to appear in parades, TV commercials, or print advertisements) uses Santa Claus Allen to video holiday questions on’s Question of the Day to be aired during December. Impressed by his larger than life presence and his ability to project the Christmas season in life, print and film, is featuring Santa Claus Allen in the Question of the Day in December.

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