Playing Santa Claus at Christmas Parties

Whenever there’s a Santa Claus performer for Christmas parties, mall appearances, and children’s get-togethers, children will see right through the outfit if the performer is not 100% committed to the role. To play the perfect Santa Claus, we here at Santa Allen remember a few key things to help

Stay in Character

As a performer, it’s crucial to remain in character for the duration of the event. It is never okay to sneak away for a quick smoke or a drink. The children are very smart, and they will catch a whiff of anything on the breath and the entire party will be ruined. It’s also extremely unprofessional.

Instead, a Santa Claus impersonator should limit themselves to the basics: milk and cookies.

The Outfit Ties Everything Together

As much as the personality and individual are important, the outfit is what people notice first. A lot of children have a very basic idea of what Santa Claus should look like. The round belly, red suit with white trim, and the adorable hat atop a head of white hair. It’s an iconic look.

Therefore, it is crucial to remain authentic. Take off the wristwatch, remove the earrings, and really get into character for the role.


A lot of imagery surrounding Santa portrays the jolly man as, well, jolly. He’s a big fellow. But you don’t need to be 300 pounds to play Santa Claus successfully. That being said, you should also have a little weight on your frame. The children can tell if Santa Claus is stick-thin, and they’ll be sure to show their reactions in kind.

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