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Santa With a Realistic Beard

On this page you will find a collection of pictures taken of Santa Claus Allen.  He is one of the Best Santa Claus actors available!  As you can see from the pictures he conveys an authentic Santa Claus persona as well as a gentleness that you can see and almost feel in these pictures.

Please contact Santa Allen via email or call 817-601-566 to hire Santa for your next TV commercial, print advertisement, or Community event.

Special thanks to Jennifer Braly of Braly Studios for use of these images.

“The children and adults alike give accolades to Santa Allen and Mrs. Claus. Our HOA has used both of them for the last 4 years.  It amazes me that he can speak to over 400 children, take a beautiful picture and never appear frazzled or in a hurry.  He gives each child the chance to tell them what they want and make them feel special!! It is truly a pleasure working with him!!

We can’t say enough about Ms. Claus!!  She is truly the friendliest of people!! She can make any child smile in an instant! Her storytelling is quite entertaining and interactive!!  It was a pleasure seeing her act out her stories while dancing with the kids.  We get rave reviews every year about her.

Thank you, Santa and Ms. Claus for making our Breakfast with Santa a memorable one!!”